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Hopefully others reading will pop in with their ideas too. It is helpful to hear from as many people as possible. There are many who have "much more" knowledge than I regarding autoimmune problems.

It seems you have some of the symptoms of Hashimoto's even though you are being treated & your TSH is good.

Info from another site.......
What are the symptoms of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?
Some patients with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis may have no symptoms. However, the common symptoms are fatigue, depression, sensitivity to cold, weight gain, forgetfulness, muscle weakness, puffy face, dry skin and hair, constipation, muscle cramps, and increased menstrual flow. Some patients have major swelling of the thyroid gland in the front of the neck, called goiter.

Autoimmune problems are difficult as symptoms over lap. You do have a big risk of getting addisons & should be tested as I've mentioned before. It will be up to you to be sure they do it right. Hashimotos can contribute to weight gain as Cushings can.

The pain in your side could be your adrenal. I had flank pain in the early stages, but most doctors tend to ignore it as a symptom of adrenal problems. My endo actually called it flank pain due to the adrenals.

For me, being irritable is a sign of low cortisol. One of my daughter-in-laws can tell when I have over done it & need some hydrocortisone.

Print the ACTH stim procedure & electrolyte tests to show your doc what you want done. Also take all the old labs you have. Your weight gain will be sign against addisons, but make him test you anyway. Have your DHEAS tested again. Has your sugar level been checked?

When is your appointment with the new doctor?

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