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Hi, have been reading some of your posts and you seem quite knowledgeable on the appropriate labs to ask for...or at least to suggest to a dr.

I have been on a rollercoaster of health issues for many years. It started off having antinuclear antibodies that were 1:1280 hence got checked for lupus....this was in New Zealand and I had to fight to get anything checked on socialised health. Anyway they could not diagnose lupus and told me I had fibromyalgia and prescibed antidepressants. Life went on... also have PCOS and needed intervention to get pregnant. Finally on one of my work trips to the US I took myself to the urgent care on a day that I had one of my many anxiety attacks and the labs showed autoimmune thyroiditis...Hashimotos. I thought, finally a diagnosis and life would get back to normal. It did for a couple of years and now all the old symptoms are rearing their ugly heads and I am finding it increasingly difficult to cope with everyday life, 2 toddlers and work. I ache all over, get up and drag myself to work, my eyes have a hard time adjusting to light and feel tight and swollen if that makes sense. I lose my words midsentence, and get lightheaded for brief periods. I have a pain in my side that comes and goes and I have gotten so irritable that I don't even like myself. Apparantly my TSH is in the normal range at 1.38 even if I would like it to be under 1. My weight has gone up 20 pounds over the last 5 months. Probably something to do with the fluid in my hands and feet and face in the morning. I do exercise and until 5 months ago was into doing triathlons.(Not easy at 180 pounds) I still run 12 miles a week and I force myself to do it as it is the only time I feel good...after the exercise. Today however I stood on the treadmill feeling more lethargic than usual and my resting heart rate was 57.

So now you have heard my story.....I just need some input as I would like to go prepared to this new dr who I hear is open minded. I would like him to test for Addisons...... what do you think? Where should I start?

Looking at some old labs, I had a DHEA of 15 (1.2-10.5) back in 2003 and nothing ever came of that..... :dizzy:

Thanks T

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