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Been on these boards forver trying to find out what was wrong with me. they thought i had lupus for ages but it seems increasingly unlikely now. As my body hates steriods. it was suggested a while ago that i may have an adrenaline tumor. the docotro i saw came right out with it but i ignored it cause he was a private docotr. thing is i have been having a pain in my left kidney area for six months now. but no infection has ever grown been on loads of antibiotics and pain still there aswell as burning urine. i have lost a lot of weight have faints or seizure type things and low low blood pressure but high pulse. i was given steriods recently for what they thought was an allergic reaction things kept getting worse my skin started itchy and burning like it was on fire all over. i also have pain in my spine and a bone acan showed increased activity there. and a cist in my brain on the pineal gland i also have what apperars to be a cist in my left breast. im terribly sick pain comes curves from that reanl area ll the way up my spine. my skin is pigmented and peels. My rheumatologist suggested recently i may have a hormaonl problem and pointed to my adrenaline glands hes trying to get me into hospital a s a p. i am terrible anxioux and get easy confuse i never used to be like this. when i was on steriod i got a goiter too. What should i do where should i turn no body seems to be taking seriously my pain cause i get so super agittated and batty with all of this....

please any answers?

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