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i just changed endo's and was just wandering if anyone out there has been told that it is allright to take 7.5 mg of prednisone in the morning versus 5.0 in the am and 2.5 in the pm. my new endo says it is allright to do this method.
I don't believe taking it all at once in the morning is the right way to replace cortisol. Doctors have no clue!!!!!! It is better to give your body a bit in the late afternoon or at dinner time.

If you begin to gain too much weight you may need to taper the max dose of 7.5mg.
thanks for your reply, i tried the all at once suggestion just one day. i did not feel right in the afternoon so the next day i went back to 5 in the morning and 2.5. i was told that this was the standard dosage (5,2.5) but are you saying that i can lower the standars dosage levels?
Your body will help you decide if you need a lower dose. Most men I know of get by on less than the max dose, but we are all "different". If your face gets puffy/round &/or you gain lots of weight (not the weight you might have lost before being diagnosed) you might need to taper under doctors watch. If you are very active or a large person you could need the max dose.

Do you have primary or secondary addisons? Do you take Florinef? Did your doc start you on prednisone instead of hydrocortisone for a good reason? Sorry if these are repeat questions...I didn't do any back tracking.
i think i have primary addisons and i take fludorcortisone. the doctor told me he had me take prednisone because i would have to take it less often but he would prescribe hydrocortisone if i wanted. i do not know enough about the difference between prednisone and hydrocortisone to make a good choice. would appreciate any input.
The reason to take hydrocortisone is because it is like the cortisol made by a normal body. The max dose would be 30mg, equal to the prednisone you are taking. 15mg a.m, 10mg at noon & 5mg about 5pm would be a common way to take it.

Prednisone has to be converted in the liver so takes longer to act, but has a longer half life. Lasts longer. If you stay on the prednisone it would be good to have some hydrocortisone on hand for stress dosing as it works faster. I keep 1mg prednisone on hand to use for stress dosing a bad cold with inflamation involved. Prednisone has more anti-inflammatory benefits.

At the moment I take 22.5mg hydrocortisone. 5mg about 6am while still in bed, 5mg when I get up, 2.5mg. about 9am, 5mg at noon & 5mg at 5pm. I just did a trial of 10mg at 6am & that works too.

Many take it only twice or 3 times a day, but I much prefer the smaller, more often dosing. This can be hard for some one who is really busy.

How much Florinef do you take?
thanks again for your info, i will be seeing the endo tomorrow ( i am having pituitary gland problems) so i will ask him about changing to hydrocortizone. i am taking 0.1mg of fludrocortisone.

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