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I just got my lab results from my second opinion Endocrine doctor. She said "according to the records, I don't have Addison's Disease." With that said, she didn't totally conclude her analysis. She reassured me with other possibilities. I'm kind of at a lost right now, and very frustrated. I'm assuming these are good numbers, but I have no clue.

TSH................. 1.69 reference range (.61 - 1.25 ng/dL)
FT4................. 0.88 reference range (.34 - 4.82 uIU/mL)

LH.................. 3.5 reference range (1.7 - 11.2 mIU/mL)
Prolactin.......... 6.8 reference range (3.6 - 16.3 ng/mL)
FSH................ 1.4 s * *no range given* *
Cortisol........... 21.3 reference range (10.4 - 26.4 ug/dL)
ACTH, Plasma....29 pg/mL reference range (6 - 48 pg/mL)

Insulin Like Growth Factor......182ng/mL reference range (116 - 358)
Free Testosterone................21.1pg/mL reference range (9.3 - 26.5)
Anti-Adrenal Antibodies.........NEGATIVE

I trust my Endo's opinion, based on the facts. She was WAY better and more thorough than my 1st endo. But I'm SO confused and still bent on Addison's. I've shown more symptoms that are pretty consistent with the disease, minus hyperpigmentation. I even had a stimulation test done at a hospital that later revealed I was lacking in one of the hormones (not sure if it was cortisol or aldosterone). Her explanation for that was "some people may have this occurance due to [I]malnutrition[/I], or some other variable." I don't doubt that could've been my case because at the time I was malnourished. I had a very poor appetite, nausea 24-7, and lost about 35 lbs. Since then I've gained about 20-25lbs, maybe due to appetite stimulators given to me in pill form. But, I still believe it's being overlooked somehow! Infact, during that same time at the hospital one of my doctors felt "really confident" about a possible diagnosis of Addison's.

My endo doctor stated "that even though I'm experiencing the common symptoms of Addison's, my results show no indication of the disease. But, it doesn't totally exclude the may develop later in life." She also said she was a little concerned about my White Blood Cell Count, which was low. I've had a very low white blood cell count for a quite some time now. Last week it was 2.7 L (reference range of 4.1 - 10.2 K/uL), and it's been as low as 2.3 L. She wants me to further investigate that with a Blood Doctor, thinking maybe it's linked somehow with my symptoms.

I read in a previous thread that you could still have Addison's in spite of negative anti-adrenal antibodies and normal cortisol readings. Do you think it's possible I could still have Addison's after looking at my results?

Mind you, she didn't check my aldosterone levels. She also didn't do the true definitive test, which is the ACTH stimulation test. Should I request this test even though she may think it's unecessary? Thanks.

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