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I saw my Endo today. Great doctor, I hope he can figure this out and put me on something to help my fatigue.

I had 5 tubes of blood taken today. They're testing for ACTH, Cortisol, TSH and some other things that I can't remember. My question is, give my saliva test here....

Morning 3.8 ---- Normal range is 3-10
Noon 0.9 ---- Normal range is 2-4
Evening 0.1 ---- Normal range is 1-2
Night 0.1 ---- Normal range is 0.5-1.5

What should I expect to see from the ACTH and the Cortisol test? I haven't felt any better from since the saliva test. The doctor doesn't think it's addisons, or cushings (neither do I) however we both believe there is an adrenal insufficency.

Is the blood results going to be as good as the saliva?

I'll have the results via phone on Friday.

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