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You're not the only one who wants to know

I took my saliva test to my Endo this past Tuesday. While he did believe it, he still wanted to run a ACTH, Cortisol and TSH as well.

I'm interested to see what the difference is. A friend of mine is going through the same thing. His results were very close to mine. His tests threw blood came back fine, and he's left untreated. He also is just like me (went through a very stressful time, and fatigue is what started through this)

Here is my saliva test.

Morning 3.8 ---- Normal range is 3-10
Noon 0.9 ---- Normal range is 2-4
Evening 0.1 ---- Normal range is 1-2
Night 0.1 ---- Normal range is 0.5-1.5

I'm worried that my ACTH/ Cortisol test will come back fine, and I'll be stuck again with no help.

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