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[QUOTE=WandaB]I am still wondering about the answer to this question.
How did your doc take you off the cortef? Tapered or all at once?

Did your doc do an antibody test? Not sure if that works after starting replacement. Seems he would be looking hard at the fact that you have other autoimmune problems. Is there another endo you could see?

Do you have any bouillon (salt) cubes in the house? Try dissolving one in a cup of hot water & drinking like tea to see if it makes you feel better. I drank 3 or 4 of these most days during the year we were trying to see if my adrenals would wake.[/QUOTE]

Oh sorry about that. He didn't really taper. At this time I was only taking 10mg, so he took 5 mg off one week and then 5 off the next week.

He told me before we tried this that the first couple weeks may be hell but then after some time I should start feeling better. The better never came, and I just progressively got worse feeling. We went back on it and he's given it a little raise since then by how I respond.

Also, I was thinking about what your friend did with the 2.5mg for that extra energy she was having.. and then thinking about what you said when you can't sleep. You said you take a little more cortef and that it helps. Well today I did that in between my morning(7.5) and evening(5), and I took 2.5 and I instantly got tired and woke up feeling a lot better. I knew somethin was up when I felt tired as if my body got what it needed and wanted to shut down and repair some damage.

I don't know if I want to bring this up to my doctor or not that I did this to make him angry, but I may if he doesn't do what I want him to just to show proof. Thanks for the awesome advice and you are a real credit to people suffering from this by being here and just exchanging thoughts and giving experience that could save them months to years to dealing with doctors who care for 10 minutes and are on to their next victim :)

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