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Thanks for the positive outlook. As for your marathon friend on the internet or another board.. is her name Linda by chance?

If you don't mind me asking, when did you get diagnosed, and how long have you been dealing with it? Those symptoms of chills and sleeping 4-5 hours sounds about right for me if I'm lucky. I seem to have all the symptoms you do.. you are describing things I haven't really thought about (the chilled especially I've been having the heater on wrapped up tight in a blanket)

Also, how do I get an absolute diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency? I took the ACTH stim test, he's been monitoring my cortisol, he told me I have adrenal insufficiency.. what else is there?


The gal I am talking about is not Linda.

I was diagnosed in 1998 & took a low dose of prednisone for a year hoping my adrenals would wake up. No luck there. I did have antibodies so have NO clue why we went the low dose route. Was not easy either. Doctors!! I had been very ill for a month with what I believe was whooping cough, then given high dose prednisone a couple times for the cough that wouldn't go away. After that I got really sick & ended up in the ER 3 times. Had a young doc the 3rd time who did the ACTH test & gave me cortisol right away. The illness was just too much for my adrenals.

Just make sure your doc has written "adrenal sufficiency" in your file & that you need cortisol treatment for life. Once you have started taking a replacement the cortisol checks are worthless. You go by your symptoms & how you feel. I have never had a cortisol check since the ACTH test. No reason to.

You are in "danger" Chris as you are having crisis symptoms. Make a list of what is going on & get the doc to increase you to at least 20mg. You actually need a script for 30mg daily so you have extra in case you need to stress dose. Just "tell" the doc what you want.

Does your prescription bottle tell you to only take 12.5mg daily? I am amazed at this dose unless he thinks you don't have a life time problem.


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