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[QUOTE=WandaB]Your doctor is a menace to your health. He should know & warn you of the things that can happen quickly & what you should do if you had problems when you tapered. You can't just sit around with crisis symptoms & hope for the best.

Do you have a dry mouth, especially at night? Are you drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day & adding salt to most everything. Very important.

Note (Feeling extremely cold) below.

This was copied from elsewhere.........

The causes of an Addisonian crisis

Severe physical shock, e.g. a car accident

Severe infection, e.g. flu with a high temperature

Severe dehydration, e.g. stomach bug with vomiting

The symptoms of an Addisonian crisis

Extreme weakness

Mental confusion

Extreme drowsiness, in advanced cases slipping towards a coma

Pronounced dizziness

Nausea and/or vomiting/diarrhea

Severe headache

Abnormal heart rate – either too fast or too slow

Abnormally low blood pressure

Feeling extremely cold


abdominal tenderness

Don't know why they don't have insomnia on that list. Happy to hear you had a good nap. Think how good you would feel if on the correct dose. Tell your doc to diagnose you. Look at the ACTH test results again & make a decision. He should be able to work with you & not get angry. Getting angry means they are defensive & don't know what the answers are.

My endo has readily accepted me having a big say in how my addisons will be treated. I am the first women he has written a script for testosterone gel replacement. There are women on other forums using the testosterone replacement. I also requested scripts for both hydrocortisone & prednisone. I was questioned, but got it. I told him it was my desire to be able to treat myself quickly without asking permission. If I get a bad cold I stress dose with the prednisone which has more anti-inflammatory benefits. Has been two or three years since this has happened.

I do wish others here would pop in with what they know. Everything discussed is helpful to someone. I was so "on the wrong track" before finding an addisons forum & getting information from others. Anyway that is why I know how important it is to talk to people who are looking for information or are being treated/dosed wrong by a doc who doesn't have a clue. Thanks for your kind words.[/QUOTE]

Hey there, didn't see this here, and been just laying around new years.. nothing to celebrate at the moment.

Anyways, I don't think I have much of a dry mouth, and I do try to drink plenty of fluids, but I also noticed after Wednesday trying to exercise that now I am still having problems and I am even starting to urinate a lot again and not hold my water. Does that sound familiar? When you are undertreated do you urinate a lot and have problems holding your water?

I don't think I am in trouble of having a crisis or anything right now, but I still haven't quite recovered and now I think partially that is to do with having to urinate a lot again and getting dehydrated because of it.

I see that excessive urination is a symptom fo adrenal insufficiency.. any more info on that? What's your experience with that?

By the way hope you had good holidays :)

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