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I can't tell what test you had because when I look at mine I have four values and you have 3. I started at a base of 18.2 One hour and thiry five minutes later I dropped to 7.9 with a glucose level of 46 20 minutes after that I went to 15.2 and then with my shot of insulin I went up to 21.2 with cortisol.
I take 30mg of cortef .1 of florinef along with a couple of thyroid medications. I am still recovering from thyroid cancer in July and this diagnoisis of adrenal insufficency 9 weeks ago. It was a very long haul for me. I could not even get up out of a chair without my blood pressure dropping and me feeling like I was going downhill on a roller coaster. It has taken all 9 weeks for me to get around 80%. I have had a bad two days due to going to the dentist, and overdoing it. I am really tired today. My back hurts above the kidneys and it is an effort to lift my arms. I feel better than yesterday so hey!!!!
I don't understand the addisons stuff either. I have found a lot of support here. I have an excellent doctor for thyroid and my hypoglacumia, but I don't know where to turn to find a doctor who is good with addisions. I have all the symptoms except for the skin but no antibodies when they looked. It is my understanding that you can still have addisons and no antibodies. I don't really know what to do at this point because the endo I see is treating me for adreanl insufficnecy which is treated in the same fashion with the same drugs as addisons, so I have just been sitting tight.
I have lost 41 pounds since May due to diet changes for the hypoglacimia but I had to double my cortef before Christmas to get a root canal and I gained six in one day and it won't come off and I am not happy. Up until I doubled I was still losing weight. Now I am swelling in the ankles but I felt really good until the other day when I went back to the dentist and had a stressful day. The energy comes and goes with me. They have been regulating my thyroid medication too, so it is really hard to know what normal is or how I am supposed to feel, but I was literally unable to get up out of bed for lack of energy for almost 2 weeks, and I too am only 36. Needless to say I am much better, just not the same but am taking it one day at a time hoping and trusting that all will be ok. The Cortef and the Florinef really help me too. It is just very slow. I wish I knew a doctor in Houston who has good experience with addisons but for now I am hoping for the best.
[QUOTE=LSeagraves]Hi there, I'm new to this so I'm hoping many of you can help me or sort some things out, I'll try and keep it brief. I was diagnosed with ADRENAL INSUFFINCENCY SYNDROME on 12/04/2006 my cortisol leval was at 10.6 (baseline) then an injection of cortrosyn at 30 min check was 14.4 and then at 60 min was 16.0 (diagnosis was addisons disease), I then was checked again just a baseline cortisol check and a ACTH check cortisol was 6.1 and ACTH came back normal. Anyway the endocrinologist told me I have to go on CORTEF for the rest of my life 15m am and 10 mg pm, which I HAVE NOT started until I get a second opnion...I am female, 5'9, 35, had a hystorectomy a year and half a 128 lbs initially was 162 and then I started hiking and all of sudden got super tired and the weight just kept coming I want a second opinion as to whether I really have adisions or NOT. I don't want to take the CORTEF and gain a ton of weight, I heard prednisone can make you gain a TON of weight....PLEASE HELP ME, those that are on CORTEF please let me know your thoughts. I also was precscribed some injection thing as well "emergency kit".[/QUOTE]

They said you had addison's? Is addison's and adrenal insufficiency the same thing? I always thought Addison's was when you had little to no function of the adrenal glands and just adrenal insufficiency was when when it was a minor problem.

So they diagnosed you with addison's and said you'd be on it for the rest of your life for sure?... Hmm, that's unfortunate.. My test was very similar to yours.. (Started low baseline around 9, went up to 14, then 17, then dropped down to 15..forget the numbers after that, but it stayed around that range)

My doctor told me I have a 50/50 chance of recovering. at the moment I am on 12.5mg but I still need more. He recently bumped it up to 20mg to help me get over this cold.

Unfortunately, you didn't stumble onto an easy disease, and the first year or two seems to be pretty bad for everyone that goes through it that I notice when I started asking questions on forums several months ago.. I got fatigued and lost a lot of weight as well when I started seeing signs.. I'd say your doctor knows what's going on, but I sure hope he is wrong when it comes to being positive you'd need it for the rest of your life.. because with similar results I myself am still holding hope.

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