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I can't tell what test you had because when I look at mine I have four values and you have 3. I started at a base of 18.2 One hour and thiry five minutes later I dropped to 7.9 with a glucose level of 46 20 minutes after that I went to 15.2 and then with my shot of insulin I went up to 21.2 with cortisol.
I take 30mg of cortef .1 of florinef along with a couple of thyroid medications. I am still recovering from thyroid cancer in July and this diagnoisis of adrenal insufficency 9 weeks ago. It was a very long haul for me. I could not even get up out of a chair without my blood pressure dropping and me feeling like I was going downhill on a roller coaster. It has taken all 9 weeks for me to get around 80%. I have had a bad two days due to going to the dentist, and overdoing it. I am really tired today. My back hurts above the kidneys and it is an effort to lift my arms. I feel better than yesterday so hey!!!!
I don't understand the addisons stuff either. I have found a lot of support here. I have an excellent doctor for thyroid and my hypoglacumia, but I don't know where to turn to find a doctor who is good with addisions. I have all the symptoms except for the skin but no antibodies when they looked. It is my understanding that you can still have addisons and no antibodies. I don't really know what to do at this point because the endo I see is treating me for adreanl insufficnecy which is treated in the same fashion with the same drugs as addisons, so I have just been sitting tight.
I have lost 41 pounds since May due to diet changes for the hypoglacimia but I had to double my cortef before Christmas to get a root canal and I gained six in one day and it won't come off and I am not happy. Up until I doubled I was still losing weight. Now I am swelling in the ankles but I felt really good until the other day when I went back to the dentist and had a stressful day. The energy comes and goes with me. They have been regulating my thyroid medication too, so it is really hard to know what normal is or how I am supposed to feel, but I was literally unable to get up out of bed for lack of energy for almost 2 weeks, and I too am only 36. Needless to say I am much better, just not the same but am taking it one day at a time hoping and trusting that all will be ok. The Cortef and the Florinef really help me too. It is just very slow. I wish I knew a doctor in Houston who has good experience with addisons but for now I am hoping for the best.

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