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Re: Question
Jan 5, 2007
The lead weights is exactly what they feel like........ I still have that in my arms today and my wrists and ankles still hurt. I feel a lot better today than yesterday. You won't believe how it started. I had three really aggravating things happen to me everything from the valet at the doctors office losing my car for 30 minutes which caused me to be late to the dentist by almost 45minutes. I was rushing a lot because I had increased by 5 mg on the cortef like we said and my dentist is notorious for making you reschedule if you are even 15 minutes late, well they ended up not deading my mouth and it did not seem to hurt so I went ahead and took no more cortef for the day. Needless to say I went from noon to 8 am with no cortef and I could hardly get up without my husband helping me out of bed. I am still really sore in the back and ankles but I don't have that fog sluggish feeling like I did yesterday. I just don't have much energy etc. I assumed that the medication and me getting really upset with the aggravation events of the day and an incident that still irritates me but not as much now got me quite irritated which is unusual for me since I started lexapro a month a go stuff kind of rolls for me now must have played into it but I was not sure. Do you see what I mean about having the symptoms of addisons but no antibodies. I just don't know what to think. I am also craving a lot of salt and I am really hungry which is unusual for me. What does that mean.

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