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Re: Question
Jan 5, 2007
You cannot just skip your doses. Going from noon to 8am without a dose is really asking for trouble. All of you new to addisons must get used to getting the first dose in early, not missing any doses & taking them at the SAME times of day every day. Since our bodies cannot do what they used to automatically we have to be SMART enough to do it. We cannot replace anywhere near as perfectly as a normal persons adrenals would, but should at least try. I usually split my dose into 4 times daily.

You can also have problems if on too much replacement. Since you still have swelling it would be good to talk to the doc about it. Why did he put you on the max dose? Why is he having you take Florinef? Does he plan to have you taper if you start gaining lots of weight?

Being unusually irrated can be a sign of over replacement.

Has your pituitary & thyroid been checked?

You shouldn't be craving salt being on a whole tablet of Florinef.

Your hunger could be a sign of over replacement. I like to split my dose into 3 or 4 to avoid too much cortisol at once which causes hunger. Of course I am still hungry. :eek:

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