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Oh I have the same symptoms as you, I already have a underactive thyroid,

I have been having the pains under both my ribs at the front for a year, I have the pain every day.
The doctors just say its air in my colon!!

How long have you been having the rib pain, is yours at the front, I was thinking it could be gallbladder, but I get it under both??

I feel so ill, I am scared to be near anyone if they have a cold because if I get a sore throat I feel like I am dieing.

I am having the ACTH stim test on the 2nd feb, not a good day for me as it's the day my dear mum died last year!!

what do the doctors say when you say about the pain where your adrenal's is (ribs) I am scared... somedays I feel like I am being poisoned (do you)...Mandy

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