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Hi everyone,

I posted here a few months ago when I suspected I had addisons and well I need some advice.

I am still suffering with all kinds of problems fainting, low sugar, low blood pressure (80/40 and lower), unexplained sudden allergies and I have lost so much weight (even though I am eating) people think I am anorexic.

Anyway since July I have been tested a few times. I have had 2 ACTH (one 60mins and one 90mins) stimulation tests results below, which I think are abnormal but I am not sure.

1st test
baseline - 118nmol/L
30mins - 220nmol/L
60mins - 270nmol/L

2nd test

Baseline - 124nmol/L
60mins - 225nmol/L
90mins - 285nmol/L

My endo told me they were fine but when he looked at them today he said there were not and I will need steroids. By baseline ACTH is very low and reads at less then 5 (reference range is 10 to 49.7ng/l.)
my FSH and LH are also abnormally low (almost non existent) which the endo said is a BIG problem however I ended up falling pregnant (now nearly 5 months) and have had huge complications nearly losing the baby 3 times, my endo now says that because I conceived I cannot really have too much of a hormone imbalance, I am so confused. I think he thinks I have a pituitary problem (secondary addisons) but I have no idea!! He has now said that he needs to give me a 3rd ACTH stimulation test and if the results are the same as the previous 2 then he will put me on steroids. Is this test safe in pregnancy? I am worried as I have so many complications already am terrified of harming the baby.

I hope the above makes some sense I would really appreciate some feedback on the above and if anyone can give me some feedback on my results.

Many thanks,

I am going to have a synathen test onthe 2nd feb, This is not a good day as it will be a year that day that my dear mum died!!

I am so scared about this test, only the other day I had a funny turn, MY heart and pulse and my bp was all high, I have read that this test can make your heart go out of rythum.
I already have a underactive thyroid hashi's...I hope all goes well for you...Mandy
I had an ACTH stimulation test done when I was pregnant. I don't recall specifically, but a book was brought out and read to me regarding the safety. I know they could not tell me that it was absolutely safe, but that certain studies indicated that it was probably safe. From my recollection, it sounded like one of those things that if you didn't have cause to do, you wouldn't because you can't be certain, but if you need to know, then you do it because of the benefits. My little guy seems fine, btw. He's 11 weeks old. But, why don't you ask your endo and perhaps also your OB what is known about the safety?

Anyway, another thing is that you might want to make sure the endo is aware of the uncertainty of interpretting an ACTH test during pregnancy. I found an article after I had my test done (and gave a copy of it to the endo), that pointed out that in late pregnancy (possibly 2nd trimester, but definately 3rd), the adrenal response increases by 60-80 percent. On top of that, your body is producing more binding hormone which makes your cortisol appear higher than it normally would be. This article theorized that the cutoff for late pregnancy for the ACTH stim test should be 30 ug/dl and that an AM cortisol of greater than 30 would rule a problem out. Note - that was a theory and the author pointed out that no one really knows for sure what the cut off should be.

As for my results. Before pregnancy, I had 8.9 ug/dl for an AM morning cortisol test (about 8 months before getting pregnant). Late in my second trimester, I had the ACTH stim test. I started at 15.9 for am cortisol. And at 30 minutes (they only ran the 30 minutes), I had a 29.1. That was at first pronounced by the endo as normal because I had rose more than 9. But, when I presented him with this article (and I will look for it for you), he agreed that he couldn't be sure - but that it still looked good to him.

I had the delivery and I was ok without any hydrocortisone or whatever they would have given me.

Anyway, one last thing - don't let them tell you that you can't have a pituitary or hormonal problem because you got pregnant. Maybe you have some partial deficiency and you had just enough at the right time for pregnancy to occur. From what I've read, some hypopituitary patients can have spontaneous pregnancies without assitance (although with a gondal deficiency, it's supposed to be uncommon.)

I don't know why some of these doctors seem to get the idea that just because you produce some hormone that you must be ok. They dont' tell heart patients that because they have heart function they are ok.
Hang in there. This is such an important issue during your pregnancy as it can be life threatening.

At the very least - if you get nothing else out of your doctor, make sure that he writes a letter to your OB explaining that you could have an adrenal problem and what to look for and what to do during delivery. And, make sure the OB gets it and that there's a copy of that letter at the hospital when you deliver and that all the nurses have read it and are of its contents.

It is possible to have an adrenal deficiency but be ok unless and until you have a physically stressing event (such as delivering a baby), although, your symptoms (particularly the low blood pressure) seem more like you might need replacement on a daily basis so that you are covered for any kind of stress such as urinary tract infections (which are common during pregnancy), the stress of just being pregnant, and of course, delivery.

I have been looking for that article, but haven't found it yet. Thought I had it saved on my computer. If I find it, I'll post the journal cite. You might be able to get it at a local library or buy it online (although it's expensive - I think 30 dollars for the article).

Good luck. Hang in there. And congrats on your pregnancy - have a healthy delivery.
Thanks for the info!! it was really helpful.

I had my 3rd ACTH stimulation test and i'm currently waiting for the results :confused: It all seemed to go okay although I was a bit concerned as the docs didn't seem to take the blood at exactly 30 and 60mins!!!!! in my last 2 tests the docs took the blood exactly on time. Anyway the test really made me feel tired, but it made the baby very active which I was a little concerned about. Both my endo and obs insisted the test was safe.

I don't think my doc has factored in the idea of pregnancy affecting my results :rolleyes: I am nearly 6 months pregnant. So far all he has done is confuse me!!!! he said that i had secondary adrenal insufficency due to very very low ACTH and a low / normal cortisol levely (cortisol fluctuates, lowest am reading has been 80nmol/L and highest 124nmol/L (1 month pregnant at the time). He keeps changing his mind though so I will be interested to see how these next results come out!!!! I just wish these docs would stick to the same story and not keep changing their minds!

Congrats on your new addition! I am glad all went well with the delivery etc and all is well.

Many thanks again for the info it was really helpful.

Best wishes,

I have read that Estrogen raises your cortisol levels and in a pregnant person you would expect to see a baseline cortisol greater than 20 (550)or 25 (695).
keep us posted on our results.

By the way, what was your ACTH level?
Hi there,

Thanks for the response.

My ACTH reads at 2.2ng/l (am) and 1.0ng/l (pm) the reference range is 10 to 49.7ng/l for am readings (not sure about pm).


I am by no means an expert and am still trying to figure this out for myself but I also did read that an ACTH of less than 10 with a low cortisol level is diagnostic of Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency due to a pituitary problem. You should probably have all your pituitary hormones evaluated.
Good luck and keep us posted.
What's your AM cortisol?
Hi there,

My am cortisol ranges from 80nmol/ to 124nmol/ (124 was am during pregnancy). I am not really sure what the readings are when converted in to ug/dl but I think 80nmol/ is equal to 2.9ug/dl (lowest) and 124nmol/l is equal to 4.4 (although I could be wrong).

I have no idea if they are normal or not.

Many thanks,

The conversion factor for mnol to ugdl is 26.9. Therefor your 80 would equal 2.97 and your 124 would equal 4.61. Both are very low for am levels. There is alot of controversy on the post cortisol levels after stim test but should at least double (which yours did) [U]AND[/U] be above 18-22 or 484-590. You did not reach that on any of your tests.
Those numbers are too low normally and way too low for pregnancy. What does your doctor say he is going to do about this? You will almost surely need some cortisone treatment to get you through delivery safely. And you probably should be on something now as well.
Thanks for the response.

I got my last test back and now I am more confusedd then ever!!!! my acth stimulation test came back really really high not sure if it due to to the pregnancy but doc says my results were way too high even for pregnancy (came in around 1700nmol). The strange think is my ACTH is still abnormally low especially for someone who is pregnant, so I have no idea what has happened or if they did the test wrong or something. Last night my blood pressure was 60/30 and I was blacking out when I stood up, the docs gave me prednisolon (20mg) per day which I have not started yet as I am concerned to take it if my cortisol was really that high??? I am so confused all I know is I feel terrible.

Best wishes,

Call your doctor and talk about this. If he's prescribed this for you, then he probably thinks you need it.

So what was your cortisol before the stim test? (i.e. the beginning cortisol before the ACTH was injected)

Did you get a copy of the report?
Also, although, again I highly recommend you talk to your doctor... in some ways it seems odd that you would be so high when you weren't before. But, there's a couple of things to think about ....1) during pregnancy your adrenal response (normally) would increase 60 to 80 percent 2) the ACTH test (and I'm assuming you had the high dose 250 ug test because that's what appears to be most often given) gives you what is called a superphysiological dose - more than your body could ever produce on its own to see how your adrenals work 3) what you are given for the test is a shot of the hormone that the pituitary produces - if you have a primary deficiency, your adrenal glands won't respond adequately or at all to that hormone because the adrenal glands aren't working right. if you have a secondary deficiency, the theory is that your response won't be good because your adrenals will have started to not respond as well because they have not been getting ACTH from the pituitary ( i think effectively the adrenal gland falls a asleep - I've seen it referred to as atrophy). I've read for secondary deficiency, that if the ACTH test were repeated the next day, the response would be higher (I think because your adrenals woke up a bit). 4) From what I could see from doing my own research for myself, the information out there about what test results are right for pregnancy in this area seems to be on the sparse side ( probably because there's not a lot of testing in pregnant women for this issue).

I've seen all sorts of estimated ranges as to where your AM cortisol should be in your 3rd trimester. I've seen 25 to 35 as the right range. In a medical journal article (cite to follow), Ihe authors note that in 4 different studies, the following ranges were considered normal 13.7 to 37.7, 20.9 to 50, 21.6 to 31.2, and 24-36.2 (American Journal of Obst & Gynecology 183:669-73(2000). In this article, among other things, 6 women with normal adrenal function were given the low dose ACTH test (1 ug as opposed to 250). The highest result achieved was a bit over 50. That's only 6 women though and I wonder if those 6 women would have gone higher with the high dose test, or if with more normal women, the range would have been different.

So, anyway, from what you said before, it sounds like your AM cortisol is way, way too low even if you weren't pregnant. Low blood pressure is a classic sign of low cortisol. I don't know why you would score so high on the ACTH stim test, although perhaps it is a lab error. Or maybe you are secondary and normally your pituitary wouldn't be putting out the right amount of ACTH, but your adrenals have woken up from being stimulated during pregnancy ( I think the placenta produces a hormone like ACTH) . Perhaps you could have a secondary deficiency and because you're pregnant your adrenals have really woken up and when given ACTH they react well (but again, if you have a secondary deficiency, your body would not be supplying the right amount of ACTH and so it won't react to stress appropriately to trigger your body to make enough cortisol when it's needed).

I searched high and low for myself for a study dealing with ACTH stimulation tests in women that had a secondary deficiency because of a true pituitary problem. I didn't find anything other than articles looking at women who's response was suppressed because of taking steriod injections for lung maturity. In fact that study I cited about, looks at that issue. That study involved only 8 pregnant women who were taking the steriod injections and none of them had ACTH response rates that went above 30. In a later article (which I still can't find) another researcher uses that study to conclude that 30 should be considered the cuttoff for the 250 ug ACTH stim test in pregnant women in late pregnancy (although he's not sure himself if that cutoff is correct).

Again, please keep in mind that I'm not a doctor. I'm only sharing with you things I read when I was pregnant and worried; and I'm strongly suggesting that you speak with your doctor. Please don't not talk to your doctor and also not take the medicine you've been prescribed. Please get answers to all your questions and if you don't trust your doctor, try to get a second opinion quickly before you just decide not to take the medication. Also, you need to know from your doctor whether you should be treated during delivery since this is a highly stressful time for your body and if your body isn't going to produce ACTH and cortisol correctly, you would need to be medicated during delivery (and I believe for days later). If you need such treatment, your endo needs to communicate this to your OB.

Take care of yourself. (hugs)
Hi there,

I think ( I am yet to see a copy) that my baseline cortisol was 22 and it increased dramatically from the ACTH injection. My baseline normal ACTH is still on the low side.

Went to see my endo this afternoon and he said that I need to do the insulin test, where they inject you with insulin to make you hypoglycemic and then test your stress response. He said that it is dangerous in pregnancy but he wants to do it ASAP but I have refused. I am having a lot of problems trying to keep the baby okay so I do not want to put him at risk. I am nearly 6 months and it is not going too well :eek: as I have not gained weight (no one believes I am pregnant) even though I am eating loads and loads (in fact since yesterday I have lost 3kgs).

The doc wants to take me in to hospital on Monday so they can sort out my blood pressure, he says my cortisol might have gone a lot higher as I am taking various hormone tablets to help with my pregnancy. He also says that I will need to take hydrocortisone on delivery but he has told me to hold off for now on the steroids he prescribed :confused: so confusing!!!

The info you gave me was very very helpful, do you have secondary adrenal insufficency as I have seen that it is an area that you know lots about? I really appreciate all the advice and sorry for venting!!!!

Best wishes,

Vent all you want! (smiles)

I didn't find anything in print saying that the ITT shouldn't be done while pregnant. I also didn't see anything at all saying it was safe. I would not have taken it myself during pregnancy. I'm with you there and I'm pretty sure my doctor would not have done it. You might want to ask your OB about this. I have a feeling your OB wouldn't like it. I would be very nervous (probably an understatement) about having my blood sugar go below 40, even for the short time that the test has you go below 40, while pregnant.

The following is long, so read on only if you want (smiles).,,,

The reason I've read so much about this is because I had a severe postpartum hemorrhage with my first pregnancy, with no blood transfusion. And, I've had symptoms that match up with Sheehan's syndrome, a hypopituitarism that can be caused by a postpartum hemorrhage. As my endo puts it, I have classic symptoms, but the blood work in his opinion doesn't show it - plus he told me that because I got pregnant that I couldn't be hypopit - and that's not true. Prior to pregnancy, I had a lot of "low normal" pit hormone results.

Before I was pregnant, my AM cortisol was 8.9 (range starts at 4 something). I was still trying to figure out why I was having these problems (although I suspected SHeehan's) when I became pregnant. I got brushed off by one endo while pregnant. I then saw an expert out of town (3 hour drive) who believed that I could be hypopit but she couldn't be sure because of the pregnancy. By that point, my Free T4 had dipped just below normal and my OB called it "borderline" and wasn't going to treat it. This endo prescribed thryoid medication and told me that it was safer to give it to me while pregnant to be sure I had enough thyroid medication that it was to let me go without. She also wanted me monitored by a local endo to make sure cortisol stayed ok (my numbers at that point were slightly higher, but she thought they should be much higher), particularly with the thyroid medicine replacement. Btw, this out of town endo doesn't run the ITT at all because she says it's too dangerous. Not pregnant, though, frankly I'd prefer the ITT.

Anyway, so the out of town endo wanted me to work with a local endo. So, I went shopping for a new endo and ended up with the current guy. Unfortunately, he doesn't specialize in pit issues and he has spent most of our appointments telling me it isn't possible for me to have a pit problem. But, at least he ran some things for me - like the ACTH stimulation test. But, I had to research for myself what it meant during pregnancy. I certainly wasn't going to trust this non-expert who disputed an expert to tell me things were absolutely ok unless I could confirm it. It might sound egotistical or silly, but I had myself and this little baby to protect and I had to know I was getting good treatment. It was only after I found the article showing that my stim test results weren't as great as he thought for him to agree to write a letter to my OB telling them what to look for and how to treat an adrenal crash during delivery.

For my stim test which I took in the begining of the 2nd half of my second trimester ( i dont' recall how many weeks I was), I started at 15.9 for cortisol and I went up to 29.1. As I said this endo thought that was great, but this article I found (which I still cant' find and it's driving me crazy) opined that 30 should be the cutoff.

Fortunately, I made it through the delivery ok with no adrenal crash. That's also making me feel pretty good that I might not have an adrenal problem. But, I'd feel much better with an ITT or at least a repeat ACTH.

So anyway, because I made it through delivery with no crash, this endo pronounced me basically ok and he had me go off the thyroid medicine with the plan to test again in 4 weeks to see if I really needed it. Well, anyway, I did that and the following week I had it tested again (by another doctor) and I had a normal TSH and a below normal Free T4 - consistent with a pit problem. I had that test done, ironically, because my prolactin results and inability to breastfeed got me accepted into a study on prolactin deficiency and breastfeeding. As a part of that study, I had to have a normal Free T4.

So, needless to say I got the endo to allow me back on the thyroid medicine. But it wasn't easy. This endo basically told me that because it was so uncommon to have one pit deficiency without others that I couldn't have a pit problem. So anyway, he then had me have an MRI which came out normal.

Well, from that prolactin study, I learned that I have a partial prolactin deficiency too. So that's two pit hormone problems.

I don't have a followup with this local endo for almost another year (that's the earliest he'll see me - because he's convinced I don't have a pit problem).

I'll be going for another opinion somewhere down the road, perhaps out of town again (Dr. Friedman in CA?).
Sorry to hear about your issues, I find it so difficult dealing with some of these endo's as they are always saying different things. Before I was pregnant I was told I had partial pituitary failure but then when I got pregnant I was told I was fine as if I had a serious problem I would not have conceived :eek: I also find it hard to get someone who is speacialised in pit issues, in Dubai the endos are mainly experts in diabetes and limited in everything else!!!!.

Have you had you FSH, LH and growth hormone checked? Normally if you have a few of the pit hormones out of sync it is indicative of a problem (even if they are only slightly abnormal) if your prolactin and TSH are coming back with abnormal readings your endo really should look in to it properly. My mum has pit problems relating to her TSH, prolactin and growth hormone, sometimes her resultas are "normal" other times they are completly all over the place, sometimes a pit tumour can cause fluctuations.

Take care,

That's too bad that they are of the opinion that because you got pregnant you can't have a hypopit problem. Perhaps that function was preserved for you or perhaps you had just enough left to make it happen. What kind of problems have you been having with the pregnancy? Perhaps those problems are there because of being hypopit?

I had Estradiol, FSH, LH and Prolactin checked almost a year ago. My estradiol was below range (it was closer to Postmenopausal than to the bottom of the range) and the FSH and LH were normal. If Estradiol is below normal, FSH and LH should be high. That by itself is an indicator of a pit problem. But, compounding matters, I was probably about 5 days pregnant (and didn't know it) when those results were run. So anyway, I've heard the line that I can't have a pit problem because I was able to get pregnant. I'm going to have those run again, but I have to get my period back first. I delivered about 12 weeks ago, and only just stopped trying to get a breast milk supply going about 3 weeks ago, so I'm not too worried yet that it hasn't come back.

The doctor from the prolactin study is going to send the results with an explanation to my endo. So, perhaps he'll now understand that my prolactin isn't quite right. I produce it, but I produce 1/2 or 1/3 of what breastfeeding women normally produce.

I hope they get this straightened out for your soon.

I have had all kinds of problems witht the pregnancy :dizzy: but it seems to be getting better. I had antibodies on the placenta which was causing heavy bleeding and meant that I was going in to labour at around 4 months. Also the baby has been on the small side and my uterus has not come out properly. But fingers crossed!!! they put me on hormone therapy which helped a little but taking an aspirin a day has done wonders, apparently it thins the blood.

Let me know how you get on with your next set of tests, pregnancy most likely would have affected your test results even if you were only about 5 days pregnant. Best of luck with the prolactin study.

Take care,

How are you doing?
Hi there,

I am managing, just about!!!! still having problems with blood pressure and was admitted in to hospital again as my endo said he needed to urgently treat me. I went in at 8am, I was supposed to be there for 4 days, they took some blood told me I could not eat and then were supposed to run some tests. They left me until 5pm at which point I was hypoglycimic as hadn't eaten since the day before and was hassling the nurses for food!!!! was worried about the baby. Anyhow turns out the medication they wanted to give me was not available in any hospital in the U.A.E so they told me to go home (without offering me food even though my sugar was 35). My other half was pretty annoyed and I have not heard back from my endo yet about what they are going to do!!!!

Anyway enough moaning from me!! how are you getting on? have you started your tests? I hope all is well.

I can't wait to feel better! I am having a bad few days and feel really short of breath all the time, I can't link it to this problem so perhaps it is stress anxiety causing it, although it feels pretty real.

Take care,

I don't understand why they can't see that your low blood sugar and the low blood pressure are classic symptoms of an adrenal problem. How far along are you now?

I'm doing ok. My endo is continuing the thyroid medicine, but based on the last results, I think I should be taking a bit more to get higher into the range.

I'm done with the prolactin study. The doctor for that, a reproductive endocrinologist, sent a letter telling my endo that I have a partial prolactin deficiency and that she thinks that I might have a partial Sheehans (a hypopituitary condition). I haven't heard anything from my endo about it. If he doesn't agree to order a stim test (preferrably an ITT), then I'll have to go endo shopping. It might require me to go out of town too, so I'll have to save some money to do it.

Keep taking care of yourself. And, make sure they are going to properly medicate you during the delivery to prevent an adrenal crash.
I should be about 27 weeks or so but he is measuring around 25 weeks, I still cannot seem to gain weight and do not look pregnant, very strange!!!!

How are you feeling at the moment? I hope you get your thyroid meds sorted. Do you know if thyroid levels go up in pregnancy? its just my doc took mine and they were in the "normal limit" but on the low side (just within the boundary) he said it should have been higher. Sorry to ask a million questions but do you also know the ACTH levels for pregnancy? I have just had my retested and I am waiting for the results.

I hope your endo listens to you and you get treatment for the partial Sheehans, let me know how you get on. If your endo does not listen try another, it is difficult to find someone who is specialised in pituitary disorders (unless it is clear full pit failure). Best of luck.

My endo has said that I will need an IV of hydrocortisone for delivery, i'm dreading it slightly as when I had my cervix stiched up (complications with pregnancy) they gave me the hydrocortisone but by accident they gave me 12 injections too many and I felt really odd (felt fantastic at 1st until they went overboard!!!!).

Best wishes,

I'm sorry for the delay in responding. The thyroid levels during pregnancy is something that confuses me a bit. From what I've read the Total T4 is supposed to increase, I think because a binding hormone increases. Your Free T4, I th ink does go down some or can, but I've read that it should stay in range. But, I'm not totally sure that the Free T4 goes down. But, if yours is staying below range, or even in the bottom 10 percent of the range, I would ask for thyroid medicine.
How are you doing?
Hi there Bea,

I am doing okay but going somewhat down hill in the last stage of pregnancy, I had a few days where I was so weak I could not even lift my arms and when I tried to stand everything was spining my sugar has also been really high (over 300) and then crashes down to about 35 after an hour or 2. I have around 10 days until I deliver so I am just trying to get through it, they will be giving me hydrocortisone for delivery. Its been a bit of a nightmare as when I was 31 weeks I went in to pre term labour which they stopped and they have been giving me steroid shots every few weeks which have helped a lot. I have to have a c-section and I am frightened!!!!!
Anyway enough about me, how are you doing? did you manage to find a decent doc? I hope you are better and are getting the treatment you need?
Take care,
I'm managing ok right now. I still am feeling much, much better than I did between my first and second pregnancies. I'm thinking it has a lot to do with the fact that the thyroid problem is being treated. But, I do still have some issues going on - but I can manage at the moment, but with two little children, I am hoping to get more of my energy back too. I'm seeing a well known expert with pituitary issues at the end of this month. I'm flying across the country to do so. I'm hoping he can either help me or rule this out for me (perhaps its something else - or perhaps I really just am tired from being a mom - but I don't think so because of other issues going on at the same time).

I'm so sorry that you're having such a hard time. But, I'm glad to hear that you are somehow managing and have just 10 more days to go. I've never had a c-section, so I can't comment, but I can understand how that would be a bit worrisome. My sister in law has had two and it seemed like she recovered very well from them. But she also didn't have adrenal problems. It's really good that they know they need to give you the cortisol.

As for the blood they know why they are going so high? I would imagine that the low crashes might have something to do with the adrenal problem. But, what about the highs? Did they start with the cortisone shots? I've heard those can bring blood sugar up a bit but 300 sounds kind of high.

I'll be thinking of you and wishing the best. After you've had the baby and you feel up to it, please consider posting back here about how you are, so I know you and your little one are ok.
Thanks Bea,
The docs know I have a blood sugar issue but no treatment for it so far, before I had the steroid shots they checked it and it was 325, 2 hours later it was 35!!!! and I had not had any chocolate or anything!
I am glad you are getting treatment for your thyroid, once that goes out of whack it can give a whole heap of horrible symptoms, hopefully this new endo will help you and you will be able to get back to normal.
My blood results are still a messed up growth hormone and prolactin readings are all over the place but I am not sure if this is due to the pregnancy, my endo seems to have no idea what he is doing :eek: and says that there are problems but he needs to treat them after pregnancy.
Best of luck with your trip and doc let me know how it goes, fingers crossed that you get some proper anwsers! I will keep you posted about my situation.
Take care,
The placenta produces growth hormone, go your IGF-1 should be pretty high. Prolactin also increases during pregnacy (i'd give you numbers, but i don't know if the numbering system would be the same) - it's part of your body getting ready for breastfeeding. Hypopits that have growth hormone problems usually stop their growth hormone sometime into pregnancy because of the placenta's production. It's so hard with these hormones because they can change so drastically in pregnancy.
I just found this thread and was wondering how you were doing and if they found anything out since your last post.

I am in the process of getting diagnosed for my issues. So far I have a low cortisol am 7.9 (8.0 - ??) and just had a ACTH supression test yesterday and am waiting the results. I have the classic symptoms of Cushing's Disease but my cortisol levels should be high for that....

Anyway in case you have not seen this before I wanted to post this so you can check into these possibilities:

Cushing's Disease - High Cortisol, High ACTH
Adrenal Tumor - High Cortisol , Low ACTH
Ectopic ACTH - High Cortisol, High ACTH
Addison's Disease- Low Cortisol, High ACTH
Hypopituitarism - Low Cortisol, Low ACTH

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