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Hi Kelly,

I tried IsoCort under supervision of a Naturopath. Isocort contains "roughly" the equiv. of 2.5 mg. of hydrocortisone per pellet, derived from glandulars. It contains other stuff as well. The doc I saw thought it was the lomatium, an herbal component of IsoCort, that was giving me liver pain. Lomatium is an irritant. He had no idea why they put it in the IsoCort, however, I was not the first person to react that way & was advised to discontinue it.

There are a couple of reasons I [B]would not recommend[/B] IsoCort to you as a mom-to-be. First is the lomatium -- how safe for the fetus. Second is, as a supplement, Isocort is exempt from the sort of scrutiny & regulation that Rx meds get from the FDA. There's nothing in place to guarantee potency, consistency, purity, bioequivalency etc.. Now, I do use a lot of herbs & supplements myself, but I believe that a pregnant woman owes it to her unborn child to be extremely cautious.

[B]Please note: the following does NOT apply to those of you who are diagnosed with Addison's and/or adrenal failure, who MUST take replacement cortisone.[/B]

Third reason I would not IsoCort: cortisone replacers are a catch-22. You take a little bit & maybe feel a boost on day 1 & day 2. But your body will adapt & start producing less of its own cortisol. There have been cases of people on asthma inhalers who get just a smidge of steroid a few times a day, who end up in hot water -- serious medical trouble -- because their adrenals go to sleep. So, playing with little extra cortisone can really backfire. And IMO it could be particularly nasty in your circumstance.

Traditionally, licorice (the herb) was used for adrenal fatigue. Licorice contains substances that slow the breakdown of the cortisol the body naturally produces. But here again, feedback loops result in decreased endogenous production of cortisol after a while. I'm not at all sure of the safety of licorice tea during pregnancy, either.

If your BP is running consistently low, you might ck. with your doc whether it would be OK to boost your salt intake. That is a small thing that might help you feel a smidge better. Low blood pressure, all by itself, can be very fatiguing. If you decide to try to increased salt, you may want to start with noniodized, esp. if you have thyroid antibodies, since extra iodine can sometimes flare autoimmune thyroid. (Assuming you get the iodine you & the fetus need from your prenatal vites.)

Best wishes.

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