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Hi Wanda, I have heard of it. My endo was not willing to do it because my am cortisol and serum ACTH were in range. She had mentioned prior to my test that she may order a stim test depending on my results. I asked her about it at my follow up visit and she said that I "didn't need it done".

We don't get along very well because we both have very different views about why I'm seeing her (as I said in my previous post, she feels her job is to make sure my thyroid labs are normal...not help me to discover why I still feel poorly). She's the only dr I've had that absolutely will not run tests when I request them (and I do tend to push hard...if I'm paying for it I don't understand why a dr would decline...I don't mind telling them that:) ).

Thank you for reminding me of it though...I hadn't thought about it in a long time. I'm wondering now if I'd be able to get my PCP to order it for me (not sure if I can have it done during you know?)...I hadn't thought about it from that angle!! That's a definite possibility.


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