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I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I started treatment a year and a half ago which improved some of my symptoms.

I still felt poorly though and was having a variety of female issues also (recurrent miscarriage, cycle irregularities etc...). I went on the patch (ortho-evra) because of constant bleeding. I was amazed at how much better I felt over all and for the 6 months I was on it I had absolutely none of my previous physical complaints.

After discontinuing it (so that we could try for a pregnancy) I started to go downhill quickly (symptomatically). When I ovulated I called my dr and he prescribed progesterone supplements...again I felt wonderful (stayed on the progesterone until 12wks gestation). So I assumed that maybe I was having issues with my estrogen/progesterone levels (my OB said he felt I had low estrogen also based on some of my symptoms...he never tested my levels though since I was already on the "treatment"...birth control)

I'm now 25wks pregnant and have been "flaring up" (symptoms are returning) the past couple of weeks.

Anyway, all of my physical issues started with a flu bug I had in Dec. 2003. Prior to this current flaring up I had been really sick with the flu.

A friend who is going through similar issues mentioned that I might want to look into supporting my adrenals with supplements.

I've looked into adrenal fatigue and adrenal failure in the past. I had my cortisol levels tested a year and a half ago to "rule out" Addison's (my endo ordered the tests because of slight hyperpigmentation). I was hyperthyroid and in the second trimester of a pregnancy at the time; my 8am cortisol level was: 14.3 (range 5-23). My endo never said much more about it so I assumed it was fine (baby died a few days explanation).

I used to come to this forum on and off (jumped up from the thyroid forum) and I remember a product called Isocort being mentioned occasionally. Is it safe to use during pregnancy? I did some digging around but there's not much info (just says to consult my health care provider...LOL...I seriously doubt my endo would ever "okay" something like that...she believes Armour thyroid should be pulled off the market:rolleyes: ). What about during breastfeeding?

This is the first pregnancy that has progressed this far since I had that flu bug in Dec. 2003. So I'm not certain what to expect for labor/ delivery and post-partum. I'd like to boost my adrenals before delivery so I can potentially nip anything in the bud (since my symptoms do seem to flare-up after illness).

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this. Some of the other supplements I'm considering are: B-complex, vit E, vit C and flax oil (for the omega fatty acids).

Sorry to be so long! Thanks for any info, suggestions...


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