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Sorry to post this AGAIN but know one even replied to my last email about this, please, have any or all of you experience huge amounts of weight gain on this or have you maintained or stayed the same. My 2nd opinion doc doesn't seem to think I'm going to but, I hear horror stories about it.....PLEASE HELP, any and all thoughts...would be appreciated.

Mind you, I'm not a big gal at all 5'9" 128lbs, used to be around 160.
I don't know if I answered this question already. But about a 2 months ago, I was at 115. I am at 119 now. I don't know if I will continue to gain 4lbs every 2 months. (I hope not) But I am 5'5 , so I can afford to gain a few pounds. But the Cortef seems to be fine for me. Ask me in about 5 more months, then we will see how I feel;)
I also gained four pounds after starting cortef, I went from 88 to 92, and I am only 4'11" so I also needed the weight. I have been on it since September and gained the four pounds pretty quickly, but am now pretty stable at 92.
I started cortef last april and by nov had gained almost 30 pounds. I think it increased my appitite quite a bit. My doctor didn't seem to think it would because it was only supposed to replace what my body wasn't making. The funny thing about this is...another doc questioned his diagnoses and proved that I never had hypopit in the first place. I have now been tapered off of it..I was up to 35 mgs. The weight is very slowly coming off. Good Luck!
2jen... How many mg do you take a day? Mine is a low dose, 15mg a day. so maybe that is why I haven't gained alot so far.

Flowerf... So what does the mean, do you have AD or not? Are you taking a lower doseage of Cortef, because you are gonna be taken off of it , because you don't need it?
I started on 30mg and thats when I gained the weight. I felt like that was too much for me though, and I lowered it to 20mg a day, and haven't gained a pound since! My thinking would be that you would only gain weight if you are on too much cortef, because you should just be replacing what your body isn't producing.
So I forgot to ask, do all or any of you work out, sorry to be so personal...this might affect it as well. I get all my results this morning and I'll let everyone know. I'm going to ask if I can just take 15mg at first and see how that works if I need to go on them, my calfs have been cramping really bad plus the arch of my foot! Thanks for all the replies, usually no one but maybe two people ever reply back to me, THANK YOU!
^^ I workout maybe 2 times a week... Nothing major, just to be toned.
I don't really work out, not on a regular basis anyways.

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