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Anxiety cipralex
Feb 2, 2007
Hi all :)
New here

Can anybody help?

Addisons for 20+ years and i have developed acute anxiety -realy acute.
Anxiety as you know is always problematic with addisons but this anxiety is strange. It's a constant state as if it's an adrenal rush (would you believe) all day. It is unbearable along with the depression!

I have been given cipralex. Does any addisonian suffer with realy acute anxiety here and/also use cipralex or other type?

Male 56 years
It sounds like you need to have a different medication. I also have anxiety and depression. I take Lorazapam and Buspirone for my anxiety and Lexapro for my depression. The meds have helped. Still have breakthrough symptoms.:angel:
Sorry for the late reply - it's been a bad time.

I came off the cipralex as the side effects were too much. Trying B complex...

My main question i need to know is Do addisonians have to take extra cortisone with the anxiety?

Hi Paxo,

Have you had a recent thyroid panel, complete, done? You may want to verify that you don't have thyroid antibodies and/or hyperthyroid, as these conditions can induce severe anxiety. A free T3 test (unbound form of active thyroid hormone) is much more useful than the standard TSH test. I mention this because the thyroid & adrenal glands work together with the rest of the HPA axis.

Sorry, this doesn't answer your question about whether or not you need to up the cortisol with the anxiety. Research I've seen on normal folks (not those with Addison's) has suggested that either extreme, high or low cortisol, in normals, can predispose to anxiety. Perhaps it's time to have your cortisol status re-evaluated, as well?

Best wishes.
Hi Elmhar :)

Thanks for the input
I've had a blood test done recently and it didnt flag up any thyroid probs although i must ask specifically next time i see the doc.

Juggling cortisone is a problem for me. I read that Addisonians take anything from 12.5-50mgms a day. I take 20mgms but feel at times it's not enough but it can be a slippery slope.



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