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Re: Cortef
Mar 6, 2007
I tried being on 15 mg of Cortef for awhile, but I didn't feel good on it and went back up to 20. If he's having symptoms of adrenal insufficiency, he should definitely up his Cortef to between 20 and 30 (the idea is to take the least amount you can for replacement of the natural hormone). As for me, I have an endocrinologist who treats my hypopituitarism, and he is terrific. I know some people who post here don't like endos, but I think it depends on the doctor. Find one who has experience with Addison's/pituitary issues. And yes, your friend should probably have his thyroid and growth hormone levels checked, too. They also did an MRI of my pituitary to rule out a tumor. (There wasn't one, so my problems are "autoimmune".) Good luck in getting him to feel better.

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