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Re: Cortef
Feb 24, 2007
I would have him see an DO (Osteopath), not an Endo. DO's will tend to have a more holistic approch and more inclined to listen to the patient. Endo's aren't the best doctors in helping people with adrenal issues (I'm an example of this), unless they're Addisons/Cushings.

Also, your friend SHOULD be taking adrenal glandular's when on Cortef. Cortef will allow your body to get what it needs, while giving your adrenal glands a "vacation" so to speak. Taking glandular along with a good multivitamin, vitamin C, B5, B6 as well as magnesium as essential.

Has your friend also had his Sodium and Potassium checked?

Hormoneman is right. Your friend needs to be at a 20-25mg dosage for full effect.

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