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My 13 year old son was recently diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency due to steroid use for Crohn's disease. His test results are as follows:

8:00 am Cortisol = 1.1 (4 - ? is average)
ACTH Stim:
Baseline was undetectable (too low for test to detect) then rose to 7.5 during test. Doctor said normal would be a baseline of 4 or above and it should raise to 18 or above.

My question is, were his test results real low? How severe is this?

After some trial and error with meds, he is on 5mg Cortef and 5 mg Prednisone in the morning and 10mg Cortef in the evening. Does this sound reasonable? We just upped his meds because of continuing and worsening of symptoms.
Thank you for all your insight. I will see if I have any of his past blood results. He will get a new CBC on Tues. when he gets his remicade infusion. He is on a replacement dose right now of 5 mg Pred/5mg Cortef in the am and 10 mg Cortef in the evening. He certainly has been a complex case for his doctors. I was wondering too if the adrenal insufficiency would be more permanent since the last he was on Pred. was in Sept. He is on a lot of other meds right now too for his Crohn's. He is currently on Asacol, Bentyl, Prevacid, Pancrecarb MS-8, Zofran as needed, Cortef, Pred., Amitriptyline (sp?) and Remicade...I think that is all!

I know when he has been hospitalized and on IV steroids, his glucose has been elevated but last time it was tested when fasting it was in the normal range. I do worry about diabetes with him. I will see what I can find on past blood work. One more thing, does tingling in the hands relate to anything with AI?

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