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I have looked through some of the posts and see a lot of common symptoms that I have (tiredness, weakness, weight loss), but I have a lot of what I call odd symptoms which may or may not be normal of an adrenal problem. I don't know if I have an adrenal insufficiency or not (or a thyroid issue for that matter), never been diagnosed as such. As far as I can tell my cortisol was in the low normal range last time they checked.

I was wondering if adrenal problems could explain these symptoms:

- scratchy or sore throat (almost a vague burning sensation)
- nausea with the above (have had bouts of nausea for 3-4 years and not explainable)
- detect a smell in my breath at times (sweetish but hard to describe)
- puffy or swollen feeling in right cheek
- aching in back of neck near where the occipital nodes would be
- tinnitus at times
- whitish or greyness in back of mouth near back teeth in areas (never really noticed till lately)
- knotted feeling in abdomen

Thanks for your input. I am trying to determine whether I should be pushing for further testing. My TSH and thyroid antibodies were in normal range.


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