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Funygirl... was your ACTH put in a centrifuge immediately? Was it in a lavender topped tube? Was it in a chilled tube? Odds are - you are a victim of... lab error. ACTH and renin are very picky and degrade at room temp so if your lab tech held your sample out and spun and froze it later... at her convenience, yeah, you are going to look low.

Your symptoms - belie your tests. I had normal ACTH for years and my cortisol was all over the place - as in high low and normal - I had cyclical Cushing's. Lab error was rampant in my case so you need to be diligent. ACTH can be normal and you can still be sick - look at labtestsonline.

The doc is going to tell you that you have PCOS - you may have both - I did. The doc is supposed to rule out Cushing's before saying you have PCOS. I suppressed on every test. Do not get ruled out on the dex test. Find a specialist. One that believes in cyclical form and will test cortisol binding globulin.

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