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You can't take steroids for as long as you have, stop cold turkey and the next day and get an acth test that would represent what it was before you were on steroids. Your doc is silly for wanting to do that and should know it will take weeks or months of slowly weaning you down before any tests can be done. This is why it's important to get all testing done first so you don't have to do that. If I had to not take my steroid for 24 hours I bet I couldn't get out of bed much less drive myself to the doc.

Your stim and very low acth in my opinion show you are secondary AI. Doubling on the stim is what secondaries do if their cortisol production hasn't atrophied which can happen after a time of low acth.

If you are a woman, 25 would be a good healthy cortisol value. Men should start at upper 20's at least.

That is great that you had the plasma acth to back up your stim.

If your doc is an endo, he likely will say you are fine because all he is looking at is you doubled.

See this thread I posted a few days ago.

I recommend you find an osteopath if you aren't satisfied with your doc.

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