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Can you be more specific about your stim test? What was your cortisol to start with and what was it after the test? When your ACTH and Cortisol are tested at the same time, what numbers do you get? And what specifically makes you think you are primary rather than secondary?

I can't answer you either about the estradiol - except that, in general, if your estradiol is low, then your FSH and LH should be high. These work on opposite spectrums like TSH and the Free Ts, and ACTH and cortisol. If you are menopausal, for instance, I believe your estradiol is below the premonpausal range and the FSH and FH are above their ranges. If all are low or the estradiol is low and the others are uncharactistically normal, then possibly you could be dealing with a secondary hypogonadism. And, btw, what time of the month did you have the estradiol tested?

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