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Hi there--I was diagnosed with AD about 4 years ago. It was obvious that i primary due to acth stim starting at 9 and topping out at 11 after 60 min. and with an acth level of 2,035. A year later I developed Graves disease and Graves optopathy. A year after that I got systemic lupus with positive anticardiolipids. My question has to do with hormones. I've had problems with my monthly cycles for years. Very light with lots of light spotting. Always attributed it to the Addison's or Graves. I went to my gyno last week and he took serum fsh and serum estradiol tests. The fsh levels were at 6.5 which seems to be in the normal range, but the estradiol test came back at 14 which seems pretty low. I have not heard from the gyno yet regarding his opinion (i work in the medical field and was able to get the results right away) but I was curious as to what you might think is going on? Thanks in advance for your insight--Jenn G.

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