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Serum ACTH query
Mar 1, 2007
Hi everyone,

Just a quick question! Does anyone know what serum ACTH results should be in pregnancy? should they increase? I have a secondary adrenal problem (from the pituitary) and I have just had my ACTH labs back and although they are slightly higher then my results before pregnancy they still seem pretty low.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the response, I hope all is well with you!

I have also found conflicting info, my endo says if it comes low in pregnancy then there is a problem but he is now travelling for 2 weeks and has not seen my results. Mine came low again, not as low as before but still under the range of what is should be.

Take care,

Hi there,

I am doing okay! I have around 4 weeks left until I deliver so just trying to get through them.

I have not seen my endo in ages, I got the hospital to fax me the last baseline acth results and it was still very low, he said if it was low then I would need proper treatment but I am so fed up with these docs that I have not been back to see him. I guess I am worried that he is just going to dismiss everything.... at least he is insisting I need IV hydrocortisone when I deliver but he does not seemed to be too clued up on everything else. I still keep having blood pressure probs (its very low) and blood sugar issues but just trying to be careful.

How are you getting on? did you find a doc to help you and are you feeling better? I hope all is well.

Take care,


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