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Sorry for the goof. Those labs were pre estrogen when I was dx with POF.

Labs after on Estratest 1.25mg of Estrogen and 2.5mg of testosterone with 200mg Prometrium (progesterone) daily the cortiol levels are still ranging between 5.8 and 7 with the one time of 14 with the acth of 7. The stim was done after 2 months on hormones.

I keep reading numerous places that "Estrogen therapy increases CBG thus increasing total cortisol". Where did you find that estrogen decreases cortisol?

Last month, they retested all my pituitary hormones and said that everything is normal with the exception that my estrogen replacement level is to high and even though I am on high levels of progesterone, my progesterone level was almost nil.

I know that progesterone can be a precursor to cortisol. Is it possible that my body is utilizing all the progesterone and converting it to cortisol?
My dr seems to think that my body is just not absorbing the oral progesterone and has now changed me to a combined patch with .0625 estrogen and 2.5mg progesterone. These are both half of the levels that I was on.

I am going to try to get them to retest cortisol and acth again after a few weeks of being on this lower level and see what happens.

Another problem that I have is there are only 2 endo's in this small town and both utilize the same facility for the stim test, so if I have it redone, I would still have to run around so to speak.

Also, prior to all of this, my TSH was 2.547 (.35-5.5). Now on the hormones my thyroid labs are
TSH .93 (no range given), FT4 1.3 (.8-1.8), FT3 344 (230-420). Also, 24 hour urinary free cortisol 27.8 (4-50)with 24 hour urinary creatinine 1.36 (.63-2.5).

Thanks very much for you info.

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