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Just to make sure, you aren't taking cortisone acetate (half life 30 minutes) are you? If you are actually on Hydrocortisone, it may not be lasting long enough in your body. It's half life is 1 to 8 hours. If it's half life is 1 hour in your body, then it won't work well. Ask to be tried on 6 mg methylprednisolone (Medrol) for a while. If that takes care of your problems with running out of energy, falling to the floor, then stick with it.

Your Armour has room to go up. 3 grains or 180 mg is the minimum it takes to get to an optimal dose, but only if your steroid is figured out (HC or medrol). 3 to 5 grains is the dose most people need for optimal. You must keep a jounal of your vitals and how you feel, otherwise you are doomed to fail in dosing the Armour optimally. Check with the Thyroid forum.

Are you taking salt water with the florinef? If not, you need to do that, then you would need less of the florinef. Anyone I've seen taking more than 150 mcg was not taking salt with it. Make sure it's real sea salt.

I don't recommend taking pregnenolone when on steroid like HC or Medrol. Some brands can be very potent and cause excess cortisol in your body if you are on the max dose of another steroid like HC or Medrol.

Have you had sex hormone testing?

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