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I am usually posting at the Lyme board but didn't get too much response from this question. I was diagnosed with Lyme in Nov 2006 after two years of "there is nothing wrong with you". I finally found a doctor who knew which tests to do. I also have hypothyroidism. I was told the adrenal problem was caused by me fighting the lyme for two years. Most of they Lyme symptoms are gone but I still have the exhaustion/fatigue. I am done by one or two in the afternoon. No matter how much I rest, I can't recover and really have no more energy and am very tired until the next morning. I take only 7.5 cortef because he doesn't want to give me any more than that.
My question is--how long does it take to recover from the exhaustion? My life has pretty much been on hold since Nov 2004 when I got sick. I am learning better not to over do it but sometimes no matter what that tiredness still strikes at that time. I use to run 45-50 miles a month. Now I can hardly walk even half that much. Sorry this is so long. I guess I am just looking for some inspiration here. Thanks. PS-I have had the saliva cortisol and DHEA. The readings were less than half what the lowest normal level should have been. I can post them if it would help with any information you could give me.

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