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The lack of insurance is due to pre existing conditions. Arachnoid Cyst & Venous Angioma in the brain they found on accident when doing MRI's trying to figure out why my back hurt has the insurance companys scared.

I have had chronic pain that has gotten worse over the years for about 7-8 years now. My shoulders, neck, low back, hips, forearms are all loaded with mayofascial trigger points. The fatigue has been right there with it. The funny thing is, I never have energy but cant sleep at night, when I finally do sleep, I can sleep for 8-14 hours or more and still feel like I didnt sleep at all.

The sharp pain that happens sometimes when the adrenaline gets flowing is a totally different pain. It almost feels like Im paralyzed for a minute. It first happened about 6.5 years ago and I have had it happen several times over the years since then.

It's like when the adrenaline builds up sometimes it feels like I have been STABBED in the kidneys, runs down through my legs. It doesnt happen every time and there are times when Im in an extreme rage and it doesnt happen at all but when it does happen, it's weird.

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