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I found this forum and I wanted to ask you what this lab result indicates. I went to the Dr 2 weeks ago for a physical and I have been EXTREMELY tired and weak for the last year. She ran TSH test then and it was normal 2.2 in a range of like 1-5. A few days later- I had a 2 hour period of being disoriented and drunken feeling and my BP was 88/58 and my temp was 96.9. I couldn't get my BP up with chicken bouillon and I called the Dr and she ran the following tests.

My Dr. is referring me to an Endo because of the Aldosterone levels she said. I got a copy of my labwork and it seems my thyroid is fine and my aldosterone is in range. But it looks to me like the 2 Anti tests are a hair above range. Let me know what you think and what these findings might indicate.

T3---- 112---- (60-181)

Free T4---- 1.2 ---- (0.9-1.8)

Anti-TPO-AB ---<5 ---- (0-4)
Negative---- <5

Anti-thyroglobilin AB---<25---(0-24)



And my symptoms are :extreme bone weary tiredness and weakness, dry gritty eyes, itchiness all over, and sensitive eyes to white things (like pages in books) My blood pressure is normally 110/70 and is now running in the 90/60's. My body temp was always 98.5 and now runs in the 97's all day long.

And I am the opposite now than I have been my whole life. I was always hyper and full of energy and coffee would make me zoooooooom!! Now coffee does absolutely nothing for me- no "pick me up" at all:( I have had insomnia for 41 years and now I can go right to sleep for the last year or so.

Thank you very much for any advice you can give me. I know with my cortisol levels being normal- that I probably don't have Addison's but this is the only forum I can find for adrenal glands.

I just had another of those episodes and what precipitated it both times was me getting into a cold car and driving without letting the car warm up. I live in NY- it was 20 degrees this morning.

I was nauseous, cold and my legs were wobbly and my mind felt drunk. I grabbed the Morton's salt and drank some water with maybe 1-2 tsps of salt mixed in and I sat down on the floor while I drank it.

Within a couple minutes of finishing that glass of salty water- I felt completely normal again. My mind got clear and my legs weren't wobbly and I got all warm and tingly feeling.

Is this indicative of Addison's disease? Can I have Addison's disease and only have low Aldosterone but still have Cortisol levels that are within the normal range?:confused: :confused:

Thank you,

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