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New with questions
Mar 20, 2007
:confused: Hi Im wondering if I can ask you all some questions. My daughter has been getting sick for some time now. She is turning 16 this Saturday. She went to an appointment with a new doctor yesterday because I had decided to switch due to her pediatrician not helping and finding out what is wrong with her. Anyway, here hare some of her symptoms, fatigue (all the time cant stay awake), losing weight, abdominal and throat/neck pain, dizziness and fainting (she was dx with neurocardiogenic syncope a couple years ago, and many others I cant really think of right now. Her pedi did do some labs on her which did show her thyroid auto antbodies very high. So she went to see her endocrinologist who didnt feel her symptoms were from that so basically it was left at that. So I decided to find a new doc for her.
Now to her appointment yesterday. The new doc was very nice and listened to my daughter and I. She asked all kinds of questions and one was if my daughter was tested for Addisons disease. As far as I know she was not. So she is ordering all kinds of bloodwork, the tests are metabolic panel,cbc,pt,ptt,ana,rheumatoid factor,cortisol,acth, and ace. She is also sending her for a cardiac echo because she found she has an arrythmia.
My daughter has had mono x2 and the second bout really did her in. She has missed lots of school and her old doc wouldnt put her on homebound even temporarily until we found out what was going on. The new doc said she will write the letter we need because she feels she can not function properly due to whatever it is she has. And it isnt fair to my daughter to have to fail and stay back because she is sick. The homebound would give her help by whenever she is too sick for school they will have a teacher come in to my house or give her online courses so she wont fail. She has missed at least 30 days this year and does have 2 A's, 2 B's and 3 F's. She tries so hard to keep up her grades but when she does go to school she comes hom and not even 15 minutes later she is asleep until I wake her for dinner, then after she is back to bed again.
Im sorry this is so long. Does anybody have any input? Thanks so much!

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