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Hi Mome,

I'm glad you've now found a doc who seems to take your DD's symptoms seriously. When all of the labs come in, you may be a little closer to understanding what the main problem is, and what can be done about it.

One of the most impt tests for ruling out Addison's Disease & other forms of adrenal insufficiency is an ACTH stimulation test. It goes by other names: Synacthen, Cortrosyn stim or challenge. It's a fairly long test described in many past threads, and more involved than simply taking a random serum ACTH level.

Any serious infection can do a number on many of the body's organ systems, including those on the HPA axis. The CDC has established criteria for diagnosis of "post-viral chronic fatigue." My own DD had a very serious bout of mono at age 17, was bedridden for 10 weeks. In her case, recovery was complicated by celiac disease & other food intolerances that were not known to exist before the mono from heck. Not to say that is your DD's problem. For my DD, it took a good 18 mos. to get close to her normal energy back. She went to college with a disability waiver based on the PVCF. It's been 3 yrs. since she took ill, and she still has to be quite careful on a number of fronts, or she's back to ... not square one, but perhaps square 6 on a 1 - 10 scale. I did not know enough at the time to get the ACTH stim testing done, however my DD did have lower than normal random cortisol levels for a while, but seems to have recovered nicely.

Best wishes.

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