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My son was diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency in late January due to long term prednisone use for Crohn's disease. We got the diagnosis from an endocrinologist. He started replacement therapy with Cortef (10mg in the morning) and Cortef (10 mg at night). After adjusting the steriods a few times to find a theraputic level, we are in the process of weaning him down. He now takes 5 mg. Prednisone in the morning and 5 mg. Cortef at night. Apparently prednisone has a longer life than the Cortef. My son's initial symptoms, chronic nausea, headaches and fatigue have improved but the fatigue still is a huge issue. He too does not have any stamina and any type of exercise including walking is extremely difficult. Prior to his diagnosis of AI, he had missed over 60 days of school due to Crohn's and related issues. He has been on homebound schooling since January and we are trying to get him so he is able to go back to school by April. We are working on getting his sleep pattern better suited for school. It is interesting, however, that my son who is 13 wants to get back to school as quick as he can but the endocrinologist is not in any hurry for him to go back. He feels the stress could have an adverse affect on the progress he has made with the weaning of the steroids. I think you will get more support from an endocrinologist. The fatigue is a huge factor that can make school and schoolwork very difficult. My biggest concern about him in school is keeping up with homework. By the time he would make it through the day he would be too exhausted to do homework. I am glad you will be seeing an endocrinologist. Keep us posted.

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