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Hi SherriAnn,

Mark me down as one of the skeptics ... those of us who live in OR get bombarded by saliva testing sales pitches from the NDs, in part because one of the biggest "alternative labs" in the USA doing the saliva tests is right in our own backyard.

My DD suffered an adrenal downturn several yrs. ago during a bad case of postviral CFS. Her reg. doc ordered an a.m. serum cortisol & a number of other serum hormone levels as well, which were within normal range, albeit lower end, but that was of course good enough for him. An ND my DD saw felt the situation was "more complex" & ordered a 24 hr urinalysis of multiple hormonal metabolites, as well as *complete* saliva testing. We spent THOUSANDS of dollars out of pocket on these tests.

Now, I would think that one would see some sort of trend when comparing trend results of these tests. Where one is off the charts, you'd think the others would be, too -- or at least perhaps elevated a bit??

But there was NO concordance between the various tests for our DD, despite all being run at the same time of the month. The ND was unable to explain why what was high in urine was low in saliva & vice versa. We felt ripped off. Despite trying a number of the ND's recommendations, there was nothing offered in the adrenal department (Cortef, compounded slow-release hydrocortisone, IsoCort, licorice extract) that gave more help than side effects. Of course, YMMV.

I'm not against NDs, & I'm not against saliva testing, but I do question the validity of their ref. ranges. IMO, if there is a question of secondary adrenal insufficiency, the newer low-dose Cortrosyn challenge would be the definitive test, and the results would be transportable to both the alternative & mainstream healthcare communities.

Best wishes.

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