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I have been researching these and the more I learn the more I keep mixing them up and getting confused. I am trying to figure out dosage for each of them for low cortisol.... I fit ALLLLLL of the symptoms, but when I had the acth test done it was normal. Plus I eat a ton of salt, which I told them that. I asked them to check "whatever" gives the adrenal gland what it needs and they just looked at my cross eyed and told me I was fine! And this was an endo!! Soooo, I did the cortisol and a couple other tests on my own and found that my cortisol was higher than norm in the morn, and much lower than norm the rest of the day. AND my testosterone was higher than normal range for a man!! I am wondering if there is any connection... I haven't run across anything yet. I am also wondering which is best for alleviating the symptoms of low cortisol... pred or hyro?? I also have some swelling in my neck shown on an MRI. Am I straight on the doses??... 7.5 mg of pred is = 20 mg of hydro? I also read that hydro comes in 1 mg... but when I called the pharmasist I was told that it only comes in 5,10, and 20mg. I took 20 mg split up over the day for the last 5 days and it did seem to help with my symptoms, but now I realize... or think it was too high a dose, but I wonder if I need a higher dose to get started because I was at a point with all of this last week that I just didn't want to be on this earth any more. My neuromuscular doc had given up on trying to figure out what is wrong with me and I had gone through 4 other specialty docs trying to figure it out with no luck. My life has been extremely stressful, which was making everything worse. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on any of this.
Thankx, Sherri
Sorry for the repeat post... the first one didn't show up until way after I posted my second one... maybe it was my computer?? Sherri :)~

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