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I am new here and don't know your history, so sorry if this question seems redundant but, how were you diagnosed with AI, and why is your endo trying to wean you off of the Cortef?
I can understand why he is testing your sodium and potassium. With AI, one of the tell-tale signs of your adrenals not producing aldosterone is your body's inability to absorb sodium, thus having low sodium, high potassium. Most people with primary Addisons need to be on Florinef as well as the Prednisone/Cortisone for this very reason. But I am confused as to why he is trying to wean you off. Does he think he made an error in diagnosing you, or does he think the meds are not working?

And your blood sugars dropping, are you diabetic? I am wondering if you are not getting enough Cortef, if your blood sugars are dropping so dramatically! Cortisol helps regulate the cells use of insulin, so a lack of cortisol usually means there is little to no 'regulating mechanism' which keeps the cells from going hog wild and using up all the insulin and glucose, thus dropping blood sugar levels. I find you story fascinating. I hope you are feeling well soon!

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