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hello all,

I am not going too much into the bettle of health i have had for two and a half years.
i have been mucked around by the health systmn fobbed off and messed up.
Just had a short synathen test thy let me out of hospital before i got te results. i have adrenal insuffufficiency.. my doctor is making an urgent aqpointment with an endo. however my life at the moment. dizzy , faint, symptons also of low blood sugar. cant get to the blood test place to have a fasting sugar. i also have a cist in the pineal region of the brain that evyone has ignored for two and a half years. my doctor has told me to stop pred 10 mg a day i was on but cant function without it and even that does not right took it after stuffing my self with foof today and my thyroid gets swollen and my breasts. my headaches have been horrendous and i have been having blackouts and seizures. seizure meds dont really work. my conscious level keps lowering its scary. i have high anxiety!!!!!! i was misdiagnosed with lpus and chrons. i am technically anorexic although my stomach can bloat i have had a pain in my left above left kidney for six months. have developed curvature of spine or inflammyion there. my skin is motteled yellowy brown and sometimes burns red rashes. i don't know how to get thorugh before i see my endo. the local er have given me iv hydrocortisone several times due to supposed drug reactions but they think im a joke no support at home at all. my hair is falling out and dry is there anthing i can do in the meantime i wontgo to er no one to take me and i just cant handle it any more. should i give myself steriods what about my diet got to keep myself going please help.

dear all on the antibiotics and cortef upping it evry so often got pain in my lung tonight then wossh whopping headache words all frazzeled very scared will not go to a and e but will call doctor tom oroow or get my dad whos given up to call tom

ok my multiple endocrine problems include a growing pineal cists in my brain it shrinks too. i have high lh and now short synathen adrenal insufficiency. high testosterone and whole barrage of symptons.

Anyone help felt i went brain dead tonight

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