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[QUOTE=chrisS81;2951921]I'm at 17.5mg right now, and my doctor says recent studies show that we make around 15mg when we are healthy and only take 20-25 when sick, and that 25-30mg is too much for anybody on a normal basis.

Symptoms are constant muscle exhaustion and fatigue. Should I consider a new doctor if they are unwilling to try anything higher?[/QUOTE]


I am a primary addisonian. I had cushing's disease and had to have both of my adrenal glands totally removed (bilateral adrenalectomy) about 3 years ago. My docyotr says the same. I currently take 17.5 mg of cortef a day. But I am also taking florinef .1 mg and .5 every other day. (fluodricortisone) Do you also take this? If not then you would require the higher dose of cortef.

I have some very interesting reading on the subject if you are interested let me know where to send. What is most important is for you to feel good. If not then speak with your dr. If he doesn't satisfy then consider a 2nd opinion. I know it makes a huge difference to have an Endo that specializes in pituitary axis and adrenal disease. Believe it or not all Endos are not the same!

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