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Re: Cortef dosing
May 21, 2007
[QUOTE=making777;2992368]Pregnelonone, you guys have me curious. I have been trying to look it up a little but haven't come up with much. Is it more natural than Cortef or the other corticosteriods? Why can it not be patented? Can you give me any direction as to where to look into it more? I would like to see if it a suitable replacement and see if it is worth replacing the Cortef with. The long term effects, as you know, aren't the best, so a more natural replacement seems desirable, at least to look into it!

Kim, will you be trying the DHEA or changing your Cortef around? Just curious if you got the answers you wanted at your appointment!
:) MaryAnn[/QUOTE]

MaryAnn, I take preg. because it is safer for me to take than cortef because of the Lyme. Allso I am not in complete adrenal failure. I don't know how bad of shape your adrenals are. When your adrenals have completely stopped working for themselves it is necassary for Cortef or another steriod to be used to rpelace the function of the adrenals. I am not at this point yet and feel that it is not to my advantage to take a synthetic steroid that will completely take over my adrenal functions. So I am taking preg. first to try to get them functioning better and healing on their own without completely shutting them down.
Preg. is the first hormone to be made by Cholesterol and can be converted into cortisol and aldosterone. It is also manufactured in the ovaries and testicles and is metabolized into DHEA. Taking it orally enables your body to choose which other hormones it will make from them according to your bodies needs. Preg can be used also to raise the sex hormone levels in men and women. By supplementing Pre. you are bypassing the steps required by your adrenals to make it themselves and they do not have to work so hard to keep your hormone levels adequate.
Hope this makes sense. Again everyone is not at the same level of adrenal fatigue and only your doctor can give you advice on wether this would be beneficial to you. But then being a nurse, I guess I don't really need to tell you that, but anyone else who is reading this. I am not a doctor, and am under continuos care of an Endo who knows my symptoms and pres. what is needed of my own body. I wouldn't just go out and start taking natural hormones and supplements without the supervision and recommendation of a doctor, and don't advise anyone else to either. I also research everything that the doc prescribes also. anything that I suggest is just a suggestion that can be discussed and evaluated by you and your doc. (my disclaimer, LOL:dizzy:) MaryAnn, I Hope that you are having a good day and hope to "converse" with you again soon. If you have found anything significant about preg. let me know!! Sarah:wave:

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