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Re: Cortef dosing
May 8, 2007

As for hair growth, I haven't noticed anything more than what I was already experiencing with the steriods. I pluck my own eyebrows, and wow! since the Cortef, do I have to keep on top of them now! Other than that, I haven't really any qualms with it. The biggest thing is that I can potentially worry about is the unknown result of long term use. DHEA caused cancer in the lab rats, but it doesn't correlate well to humans (so I've read) because rats don't naturally make DHEA in the same way that we do, if at all. So I do take that chance when I take DHEA. But what doesn't cause cancer? I know it sounds kind of irresponsible, but compared to how the DHEA as increased my daily moods and energy, I am willing to take the risk, esp since I have a low cancer risk. But we all have to make our own educated decisions, don't we? =-)

I am a research freak, it's just a lot of fun for me for some reason. So I looked up Lyme's dx in conjunction with Addisons. Lyme and Addisons does seem like a very difficult thing to deal with, and a challenge to balance. It seems to me that the signs and symptoms can be almost identical to each other, esp if there is no initial rash or rememberance of being bit by a tick. It's very fascinating. Have you read the internet site written by WildCondor? Sounds like a wild situation, but I am glad she is feeling better. I certainly hope that you two don't have to deal with what she dealt with!

Blessings to you, Kim and Sarah!
I hope and pray you can get things settled and understood soon. =-)

Maryann, thanks for the reply. I have read the info about DHEA also, and of course scared to take it. I am also like you and research everything. I have spent years studying everything that had a resemblence to my symptoms, and i also do that with meds too. It is definately hard dealing with both AI & LD, since the meds for AI make the LD worse, its like, what do we do. We have to wait until our adrenals are completely none functional for it to benefit us to take the steriods. I had a tick embedded in my leg in 1989 when I lived on Whidbey Island. I was a Park Assistant for Wash. St. Parks and Rec. @ Deception Pass St. Park. About a month later I got really sick, but didn't put the two together. I have never felt completely like myself since then, but still not completely sure I got LD then. But another Asst. had the same thing the year before, and he never has recovered. Plus alot of babies born with LD are autistic and our Ranger's daughter was. Then in 97 here in Texas I got the Bull's eye rashes, and horrible headaches. But my Lyme test was neg. But it was just the Elisa which is crap. Spent the past 9 years trying to figure out what was wrong, and finally got the LD diag. last Oct. I have had the AI diag. for 4 years though. Lyme is called the great imitator because it has so many different symptoms, that are so much like other diseases, especially autoimmune diseases and AI. I am pretty sure that my dad has it too,they live 1/2 mile from the St Park and have spent their lives outside on the trails. He has really bad symptoms all the congnitive ones, bell's Palsy, everything has happened to him. But he insistes that he doesn't have LD. I finally talked him into asking his doc to test him and she refused saying that LD doesn't exist in NW WA. ST. She is an idiot. Vancouver BC has the highest cases of LD in all of Canada, does she think the deer and people they don't cross the border.:dizzy: when I worked in the St. Park half of our campers were from BC and they brought thier pets with them too. Unfortunately it is this kind of ignorance that keeps people from getting diag. and becoming chronic. I have spent the past 6 months reading and researching everything that I can find on it, it is an amazing and scary disease. Once you research it though then you start recognizing things in other people that relate to Lyme especially people who have had Mono, CFS, Fibro. My son also has it, he got his diag. 2 weeks before I did. I had him tested for the WA strains but he was neg. Not sure whether he got it from WA. or Texas.
I hope that you are doing well, and it's not raining up there!:cool: Here's some Texas sun!! sincerely, Sarah:wave:

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