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Headaches are a big give away to me that something is off-setting my Addison's. Prediagnosis my headaches were increasing in frequency and becoming more and more intolerable, accompanied by severe nausea. When you have these dizzy spells, it is a good idea to go to an urgent care, as I have seen your husband has suggested in your previous posts. At least there they can check your blood sugar level and electrolytes. If they are off, which is classic with Addisons (low sodium, high potassium, low blood sugar) then perhaps they can get you to a hospital and start the process sooner of getting the right blood tests done. At least you will have some answers. Your appointment on May 15th, is it with a GP or an endocrinologist? I would hate for you to have to wait even longer for ANOTHER appoinment for the endo, when you do sound like you are not well.

In the meantime, get plenty of rest, enjoy your salt, and try to eat as much protein as you can. The protein will decrease the stress on the adrenals, as high sugar means the adrenals have to produce more corisol to regulate the cells, and increases the stress on the body even more.

Hang in there! Please keep us posted!

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