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Hi please can anyone tell me if adrenal insufficiency/ adrenal problems can be diagnosed with only a single serum cortisol test?
I have asked questions about my symptoms (e.g.on here etc) and so far it seems to point to adrenal insufficiency. However my GP seems to be under the impression that as my cortisol results were "normal" (I dont know the actual result she didnt say) she said I dont have any sort of adrenal insufficiency. Yet how come I have specific clinical symptoms linked to it (e.g fasting hypoglycemia, low BMI cant put weight on, anxiety,cold, lack of energy, dizzyness, hair comes out....etc)
Please post back!

It would be better if you could talk to an endocrinologist. Before I was diagnosed, my cortisol levels were 'fine'. But I asked for the Cortisol Stimulation test, which was not fine. Only an endocrinologist would know what was 'fine' for the time of day. You see, the range of 'normal' for cortisol is so very wide because the normal body creates a large amount of cortisol in the morning and gradually drops off through out the day. In adrenal insufficiency, you are making some cortisol, but not enough. Some people with adrenal failure make none whatsoever, and those poor souls are quite sick.

See an endocrinologist, research the internet and be well aware of what you think it is, and present your case. You have to be your own advocate with these lesser known diagnoses. If anything, at least you will have peace of mind. But, I know this sounds crazy, but don't be overly suspicious or rude.

As a nurse I can say that MD's will have a tendency to 'blow you off' if they think you don't respect them and thier abilities. If you don't like what they have to say, kindly say thank you, and find yourself another MD to talk to.

It is really helpful to journal what you have been experiencing, writing down everything that you have been experiencing and for how long, that the medical profession has checked for you, lab values specifically. Ask for a copy of all your test results to put in your journal. Then, when you find another MD, bring it with you and show them what you have. It keeps them from having to repeat tests that were previously done. And the actual copies from the lab are what they need to see to feel they can make a good, educated decision.

It takes a while before you can find the right MD's to discern what is going on. Just about everyone I know suffers for a while before they get diagnosed. The best thing you can do right now is keep yourself on a low carb, high protein diet, take out sugar (it takes more cortisol to deal with the sugar), and try to relax and take it easy, getting plenty of rest if you can. Try to decrease the amount of stress in your life, simplify your schedule, and press on to the next appoinment. :)

Hang in there, Jen!

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