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went to hospital as had abnormal short synathen test. put on 20 mg hydrocotisane and flu something or other i have not improved at all felt i got worse. had recent coliform infection feel i got it again . so sick at home put my self on remainder antibiotics. maybe tis has been caused by anovergrowth of bacteris due to antibiotics or i have lyme disease or tb. i have symptons of lyme i hva esuch a bizarre illness i want to die right now i see it as the only way out. the local endo did not help was interested in diabetics really.

i don't know what to do. they are stopping the hydrocortisone and said it may have been caused by a short course of steriods i had to use for asthma.

my doc is calling me back what should i ask they are still waiting for an acth test to come back.

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