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Please help
May 11, 2007
i know i have posted on here a lot recently,

had terrible day again today. then tonight got stomach cramps feeling of lowered consciousness. so gave myself an emergancy dose of cortisone 60 mg i had to i can t go back to hospital they so fobbed me off. when i originally went in i was on huge doses of hc plus saline and i felt a little better they gave it to me cause i had been ill for a long time i thought i needed it then then the nasty diabetes stopped it to a low dose i got sick again. i felt myself going down again tonight so gave mysself the hc.

my life is hell. my diabetes specialist blamed it on a two week course of steriods for asthma i told her i had had these symptons for ages and had in fact eneded up in a and e due to supposed drug reactions and was brought round with hc.

my short synathen test was abnormal. in er they said i would probably have a weeks worth of drips. Ha the doctor changed that and planned to discharge me woth three days of medication.

my symptons weight loss
skin spots and pigmentation brittle hair and nails
b12 and iron anemia
loss of protein in the urine
constipation and stomach cramps
seizures or black outs
low blood sugars
pain in shins feels like i have osteoporosis
inflammtion of spine
pineal cist in brain
severe headache
drug intolerance
tooth decay ulcers and bleeding gums
chest pain
low blood pressure
whuch corrected on the hc

i am waiting a endo review somewhere else but i think i may have had many adrenaline crisis beforei hope this has not damaged my brain!!

anyone help

will i get through this

Zoe what should i do tonight i feel better for the hc but i think it dangerous for the doc to send me out of hospital wanting to ween me off with no life line??????

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