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Blood Test Question
May 12, 2007
I have a question... I see an endo on the 25th and plan to get a true test for Addison's but I was just wondering about something. My regular doctor tested my cortisol levels and told me they were normal - does this matter? I know the real test involves an injection so my question is, on regular blood workups, is there anything that should stick out for somebody who has Addison's or are those typically normal?

So far my bloods been pretty normal aside from some low blood counts from time to time and low glucose at times. Everything else is always normal and always has my doctors telling me I'm perfectly fine (when I'm far from it!)
Hi i'm not going to be much help as I am in pritty much the same position as you. However I wanted to state that I'm also having trouble with my doc telling me that everything is normal when it clearly isnt!

I have had symptoms getting worse over the past 4 years. I have tiredness that goes up and down throughout the day, cant gain weight dangerously low BMI, cold, low blood sugars, anxiety, hair comes out easily and is very thin, weaker, dizzynes, could go on... Anyway all my blood work has come back normal too including cortisol, U+E's, thyroid, full blood count, and fasting glucose(even though it had gone down to 1.2mmol an hour before the blood was taken- yet its still normal!!)

It has been suggested to me through here that just a single cortisol test is not enough to base a diagnosis on and an ACTH stim test is needed to really see what is going on. I've finally been referred to an endocrinologist after virtually being told that its all down to anxiety/depression (no meds worked at all just delayed diagnosis!) Anyway hope you get seen to soon, keep us posted!
My blood tests were always on the low normal size and it took 3 provocative tests to finally confirm I am adrenal insufficient. A simple blood tests for cortisol is virtually useless for diagnostics.
Me too.

My cortisol level was on the low side of "normal" with each test, but the stim test was the diagnosing factor. Everything looked 'just fine' in the way of blood tests,etc. I hope your endocrinologist appointment goes well!


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